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Experience the luxury of our Room & Linen Parfum, formulated to lightly scent your living space and linens with an air of exclusivity. The special blend of fragrance will transport you to a world of sophistication and luxury, leaving your home with a captivating scent that is sure to impress.


- Instantly boosts mood
- Provides enduring fragrance and neutralizes odors
- Suitable for closets, vehicles, powder rooms, and beyond
- Ideal for freshening mattresses, beddings, and upholstered items


- 8oz glass bottle with spray nozzle
- 4oz glass bottle with fine mist nozzle
- 10ml travel-sized spray (plastic)
- 16oz refill plastic bottle with screw top


- Shake well prior to use.
- Mist into the air to imbue your space with scent.
- For a more persistent fragrance, spritz on linens and fabric furniture.

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We believe that ultra-modern design goes hand in hand with affordability and versatility.