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Car Fragrance Set

Car Fragrance Set

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 Elevate your driving experience with our Car Scent Vent Set. This elegant and exclusive addition is designed to infuse your vehicle's interior with a subtle, luxurious fragrance from our curated collection. It's the perfect blend of style and functionality—simply select your desired scent.

Set Includes:

1 Car Vent

1 Scent Wick

1 Intensifier oil

1 Car Spray

1 Detail Card

1 Carrying Bag



  • Remove fragrance wick from packaging and place it inside your vent clip.
  • Adjust the fragrance intensity by rotating the white dotted end.
  • Keep it open for the fragrance to flow through effectively.
  • Clip the vent onto your car's vent and enjoy

For Extended Use: 

  • Remove wick.
  • Add a few drops of fragrance oil.
  • Reinsert the wick into clip.
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